Dry summer helps boost Georgia pecan crop

10/29/2014 10:42:21 AM

Although Georgia's spring started out wet and had Extension specialists worried about increased disease pressures,... Read more.

California sets citrus psyllid quarantines in San Joaquin County

10/28/2014 1:39:25 PM

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has established two quarantines in San Joaquin County... Read more.

Odor molecules hold promise as citrus psyllid attractant

10/28/2014 11:29:51 AM

University of California, Riverside, researchers have identified several odors emitted by citrus plants that potentially... Read more.

Expect Asian cuisine, ugly produce to take off in 2015

10/28/2014 10:44:48 AM

"Advanced" Asian food as well as farm-to-table kosher and the ugly produce movement are just a few... Read more.

Bejo introduces next branded veggie: Lettage cabbage

10/27/2014 12:02:35 PM

Taking a page from the Tasti-Lee branded tomato playbook, Bejo Seeds Inc. plans to begin marketing... Watch Video.

USDA awards $10 million grant for fruit improvement research

10/27/2014 10:58:54 AM

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded a group of scientists from 14 universities, including... Read more.

Drought remains top issue for California PCAs in 2015

10/27/2014 10:39:38 AM

No surprise that drought is top of mind for pest control advisers who attended the recent California... Read more.

Rutgers develops nutrient-packed lettuce

10/24/2014 12:20:19 PM

Blueberries may have been dubbed a "superfood" by some, but the fruit may have met its match with... Watch Video.

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