Florida orange estimate continues to shrink

06/11/2014 1:43:50 PM

As anticipated by many within the Florida citrus industry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's June... Read more.

California expands citrus psyllid quarantine

06/10/2014 12:29:56 PM

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has expanded the Asian citrus psyllid quarantine in... Read more.

Researchers ID promising citrus greening treatments

06/05/2014 10:00:09 AM

A University of Florida research group may have taken the first step to finding a treatment for citrus... Read more.

Beneficial wasps drawn to greening-infected trees, psyllids

06/02/2014 8:23:48 AM

Greening-infected citrus trees emit an odor that not only attracts Asian citrus psyllid, which spreads... Read more.

Orange juice sales continue to fall

05/28/2014 9:30:16 AM

Orange juice consumption continues to decline, falling 5.2 percent from a year ago during the four... Read more.

Citrus industry girds for psyllid expansion

05/23/2014 10:29:22 AM

TULARE, Calif. — The confirmation May 22 that three Asian citrus psyllids were trapped in the... Watch Video.

China closer to opening market for California citrus

05/09/2014 4:42:50 PM

Chinese agricultural officials will visit California citrus groves in June in a development that should... Read more.

Florida’s orange crop estimate inches up

05/09/2014 4:19:47 PM

In a reversal of months-long crop reductions due to fruit drop, Florida’s orange crop estimate... Read more.

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